Porte-couteaux sensibles editions gives freedom to a selection of artists to explore the knife rest, this small object of the forgotten table and offer it a new recognition as a real art piece.

Lokz Phoenix’s knife rests – set of 6

12 unique pieces of art in ceramic by Lokz Phoenix designed for the first edition of the artists’ Porte-Couteaux Sensibles.

Fond of this forgotten element of the table that is the knife rest, I wanted to give free rein to the imagination and know-how of these artists, so that they take over this slightly obsolete object and offer it a new recognition.

Born in Hong Kong where she grew up, Lokz Phoenix is a painter, illustrator and ceramist. She arrived in Paris in 2016 and started her career as an artist. Women are her main source of inspiration, it is her identity, it is a language that represents her. Fascinated by bodies, she mixes, in her works, intimacy, emotion, power and sensitivity. She is attracted by relationships and deep sensations. It is her way of communicating without words.

Lokz Phoenix’s knife rests – set of 6

Lokz Phoenix’s knife rests – set of 6


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