Hommage à Daniel Spoerri Tablecloth

Hommage à Daniel Spoerri Tablecloth

Daniel Spoerri Tribute Tablecloth
This custom-made tablecloth is a tribute to Daniel Spoerri, a renowned Swiss artist best known for his pioneering contributions to the art movement known as "Eat Art" and for his creation of "snare-pictures" or "tableaux-pièges." Born in Romania in 1930, Spoerri's artistic career has been marked by his fascination with found objects and the ephemeral nature of human existence. He gained fame for his "snare-pictures," which involve fixing the contents of a meal, along with the tableware, onto a vertical surface, preserving a moment in time.

His work blurs the lines between art and everyday life, challenging conventional notions of art's permanence and prompting viewers to reconsider their relationship with the ordinary. Spoerri's innovative approach to art has left an indelible mark on the contemporary art world, making him a celebrated figure in the realm of assemblage and conceptual art.

For this piece, Sarah plays with everyday elements of the past to create a unique and unconventional ambiance. A joyful jumble that pays tribute to artists such as Daniel Spoerri, Henri Matisse, or Pierre Boncompain, transforming the table into a living canvas.

- Hand embroidered with black cotton thread.
- Made in our atelier in Marseille, South of France.
- Linen and cotton.

Dimensions: Custom-made to the size of your table.

Care: Hand wash or machine wash at or below 30°C, gentle or delicate cycle, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, iron on the reverse side. Wash inside a pillowcase to protect the thread from rubbing. Read our full care tips

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Hommage à Daniel Spoerri Tablecloth

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