SENSIBLE is an experimental space showcasing the sensitive artwork of Sarah Espeute.

She invites chefs who move her with their culinary sensitivity, to cook a special menu, harmonizing flavors with a table set with exclusive pieces. Sarah thus offers the opportunity to experience an immersive meal in her world, creating a visual and gustatory experience.

Each guest can leave with their napkin, an exclusively embroidered piece dated from this suspended moment, an instant forever engraved.

For this first experience, Sarah collaborates with Marie Vial, a Marseille-based chef she knows well, as Marie was the one who prepared the opening buffet for SENSIBLE last summer.

Marie Vial proposes to revisit Candlemas, an ancient and popular Christian festivity, where on February 2nd, people share crêpes in a warm atmosphere. In the past, it was also an opportunity to celebrate the return of the sun and the upcoming wheat harvest.


A self-taught chef, Marie offers a plant-based and experimental cuisine in Marseille and beyond.

After studying fashion design at Duperré School of Art and starting her career in the Parisian press industry, Marie developed a passion for cooking in 2015. Leaving Paris for Brussels, she opened La Grainerie in 2016, a socially conscious grocery store in the Châtelain neighborhood. In 2019, she decided to fully dedicate herself to her culinary passion. She moved to Marseille, the birthplace of her paternal origins, and learned from equally passionate chefs who shared some of their precious secrets with her. Numerous residencies allowed her to refine her culinary style.

Now, she works as a chef for both large and small events, whether public or private. Her cuisine, with a plant-based inclination, is creative and delicate. Marie emphasizes offering her clientele healthy and balanced dishes while continuing her quest for experimental and unique recipes. For her, cooking is an artistic medium with an infinite range of expression.

Photo credit: Sabrina Hadj-Hacene